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I'm currently in Stockholm staying with one of my amazingly awesome swedish fighter girl friends, Elfriedis / Karolina. Today is my last day in Stockholm, and the time has been great! I've only spent a few days here, but that is probably for the best since she has a very small apartment and I don't want to wear out my welcome, but it does mean that I'll need to come back at some point. I've been trying to get back into shape, so I've been walking everywhere, so like 7 miles a day or so (go me!) to get to the sites I want to see, and I've definitely been getting my museum geek on. Of course I went to the Historika Museet, which is full of Viking and Medieval awesomeness,  and to the Medieval Stockholm Museum, and in a few minutes I'll toddle off to the Armory, and if I have time I'll check out the Vasa Museum, with the entire seventeenth century ship! Then tonight Karolina is dropping me off at the ferry and I'm heading over to Visbey where I'll be staying with my new friend Olof until the 31st or so. Yay!

Once again I'm having the issue of not being able to see everything, drat... I've been missing out on some of the glass stuff I want to see, for example, and some other sites. I haven't managed to see Kosta Boda, I didn't get out to Birka itself, and I didn't get over to either Köln or Copenhegan to see my friend Rikkie, so those things will all have to happen in future trips... and I think that I will have to start learning Swedish. There are a LOT of German cognates, so I have been able to pick up some of what people are talking about, between those and being very good at reading conversations and body language. But it drives me crazy not being anble to speak, especially after being able to actually hold conversations while I was in Germany this time. Also, along with Germany, I'm adding Sweden to the list of places in europe I wouldn't mind living for a few years. I think I like it here, at least so far. And I'm definitely preparing myself to like Visbey a lot. ;) Plus, going to hang out with jugglers and archaeologists in Visbey... how cool is that... y'all will be lucky if I actually come home. I keep joking about it, but I've been seriously tossing around the idea of moving to europe for a few years at some point, either to pursue a higher academic degree or just to do art stuff there and cement my language skills and to live some place else for a while. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE where I live, but I have always, aside from the term when I lived in Washington DC, lived in Oregon. So I feel that living in some other places for a while would be pretty worth while. Especially if I can be learning new things and have access to other resources while I'm there. But for now, I'm traveling, brainstorming, and am pretty broke from the earlier Road Trip Of Doom, which I shall probably be doing a fundraiser to recover from since our forge trailer is still stranded in Electra TX... so don't worry, I'm not leaving just yet.
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