Sep. 21st, 2010

aelfgifu: (chickenz)

Some of you may know that I encountered some unexpected medical expenses on my way out to Pennsic this year. I ended up in the emergency room after passing out on my flight into Chicago. Of course now I’m just fine, and I was probably just dehydrated. But since I’m a poor artist and without insurance I’m now struggling to cover my bills.

My answer to this is a catnip eyeball fundraiser! You’ve all probably seen pictures of my catnip eyeballs, and since it’s almost Halloween it’s a great time to buy a few for your cats or friends or friends’ cats to spook up your life a little. And you can help me keep the collections agencies off my doorstep. I’m making a ton of catnip eyeballs and selling them for the usual $5 each, and I’ll ship them for $3, however many you order.

If you want some, please send me a message and let me know how many, and your address.
Thanks for the help! And hopefully there will be lots of rolling eyes and stoned kitties in your future!

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